The LifeSpiral Project

Connecting the world within us to the world around us.

Spiral Up Your Life

Ever feel stuck? We all have times where we feel like we are going around and around without really getting anywhere. That feeling of spinning in place is never fun. To an extent, our lives will always circle through certain patterns and behaviors that are familiar and comfortable to us. 

That’s ok :)

We can take the circles of our lives and find little ways to elevate ourselves. We can find the leverage points that raise us up just a little as we circle through our days.

A spiral, after all, is just a bunch of connected circles that gently lift one above the other. Your days and moments matter. Finding the meaning in those moments, while also experimenting with ways to elevate yourself will transform your life into a spiral.

We are a community dedicating to exploring the little ways we can make big differences in our own lives and the lives of those we care about. 

Come join the conversation!

You will enjoy this community if:

  • You have an open mind and a willing heart.
  • You enjoy conversations that challenge the way you see the world.
  • You like sharing your unique self to the benefit of others.
  • You love the idea of positively impacting the world around you.
  • You are intrigued by the idea of discovering new ways to be your best self, do your best work, and live your best life.